Stem Cell Extraction and Deployment

To begin your stem cell therapy procedure, you will be given IV anesthesia or sedation. Even though you may be conscious during the procedure, you will not be in any discomfort. Our treatment program harvests fat using a mini-liposuction procedure, which is then processed under a closed system that was developed specifically for cell surgery. Your surgeon will remove a small portion of adipose tissue from a pre-determined area of your body. This process is brief and our team will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the entire procedure. The adipose tissue will then be placed into a device that separates the stem cells from the tissue. The liposuction segment of the procedure in addition to the processing of the stem cells takes approximately 75 minutes.  

You will relax for about an hour while a portion of your extracted stem cells are deployed intravenously so they can work to repair damage present at the treatment site, and throughout your body.  Once the IV portion of treatment has been completed, the remaining stem cells will then be injected directly into the area of damage or injury to initiate the natural healing process. After a brief period of recovery from the anesthesia, you can go home, and return to your pre-procedure activity levels. 

A personal plan will be devised for your after-care and may include recommendations for physical therapy, chiropractic care or massage therapy to encourage growth of new tissue throughout your recovery process.