The Science Behind Stem Cells

In 2001, researchers found high numbers of stem cells in fat that were capable of forming any tissue in the body. Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) is the component of the fat, or adipose tissue, which is very rich in stem cells.  The SVF, once separated from the adipose tissue, contains a heterogeneous population of cells. Among this population of cells is adipose-derived adult mesenchymal stems cells. These stem cells are similar in physiology to red blood cells, platelets, and growth factors, making them extremely useful in the treatment of degenerative conditions. Stem cells from SVF are thought to be regenerative, anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulating powerhouses within each patient’s body that have the ability to repair affected areas through a natural healing process. These stem cells can be injected directly into soft tissues showing damage, arthritic joints, and intravenously to create systemic changes throughout the body.

Our protocol uses a new “closed system” technology to produce stem cells from the SVF in under 90 minutes, this results in the isolation of millions of cells that can be deployed into the patient immediately, during the same appointment.  The stem cells resulting from this process are so pure and of such high quality that they can be deployed both via direct injection into the treatment area and intravenously.  This is a very new and unique element of the stem cell therapy available at Ontario Stem Cell Treatment Centre.