How is Ontario Stem Cell Treatment Centre different from other clinics offering stem cell treatments?

The Ontario Stem Cell Treatment Centre (OSCTC) is a member of the Cell Surgical Network® (CSN). The CSN is an international network of physicians who are committed to helping people who suffer from inflammatory and degenerative conditions, through the advancement of innovative, quality care in the area of adult stem cell regenerative medicine. Our technology incorporates the use of adipose derived stem cells for both deployment and clinical research.

Early stem cell research has largely been associated with the controversial use of embryonic stem cells. Focus has shifted to non-embryonic adult mesenchymal stem cells which are found in a person’s own blood, bone marrow, and fat. Various facilities obtain stem cells using bone marrow or blood samples. These produce only small quantities of stem cells, and require time to culture additional cells in order to produce even an adequate amount for treatment. Prior research has indicated that the success of stem cell treatment is directly associated with the number of stem cells injected. Adipose derived stem cells are abundant naturally at approximately 2,500 times the levels found in bone marrow and the process to obtain them is a very comfortable experience for the patient. In contrast, bone marrow harvesting is a very invasive and painful process.

Considering the associated discomfort, the increased wait time in order for the stem cells to adequately culture, and the significantly lower quantities of stem cells being harvested related to bone marrow derived stem cells, the Ontario Stem Cell Treatment Centre has chosen to utilize adipose derived stem cells to treat our patients. We use specialized technology that isolates large quantities of adipose stem cells that can be utilized for treatment in under 90 minutes.

There is anecdotal and experimental evidence that stem cell therapy is effective in healing and regeneration. Stem cells have the ability to seek out damaged tissues in order to repair the body naturally. While we are still waiting for the completion of definitive studies, successful testimonials have continued to flood stem cell literature. Definitive data may take up to 10 years to accumulate, however, in an effort to provide relief for patients suffering from certain degenerative diseases that have been resistant to common modalities of treatment, the CSN has initiated pilot studies as investigational tests of treatment effectiveness with very high numbers of adipose derived stem cells obtained from fat.

Our harvesting and isolation techniques are based on technology from Asia. This technological breakthrough enables patients to safely receive their own autologous stem cells in extremely large quantities. Our methods of treatment are patient funded and in recognition of that, we strive to make it financially feasible.